Paul Pyfferoen, AIA Architect

The passion to deliver a concise finished project and have an open mind to what can be achieved.


During his relatively short eight years in the architectural field, which encompasses many aspects and specialties, Paul Pyfferoen has been fortunate to wear many hats.

Mr. Pyfferoen has been actively involved in the design process from small tenant build-outs and facade design to larger scope projects including retail, commercial and academic institutional designs and additions. He has the wherewithal to interpret the specific needs of the project, yet is able to offer alternative design choices to better suit the project in the long run. He has the ability to hone in on the smaller details and has a good grasp on the entire design process.

In addition to have a design sense in the industry, he is well versed in ADA and ADAAG compliance codes. Paul has performed a multi-institutional "accessibility study" whereby the existing building is assessed to determine how future modifications could enable the building to become compliant and, thereby, accessible for use by all.

Mr. Pyfferoen has been an integral part of the inspections of facades which were performed to satisfy local requirements for annual inspections. These consisted of a visual inspection through binoculars and spotting scopes as well as a hands-on tactile inspection, examining the surfaces for defects and failures.

Mr. Pyfferoen has recently obtained his professional licensure to practice in architecture in the State of Wisconsin, License Number: 11765-5, and has subsequently become instrumental in writing specifications for Specialty Engineering Group.

Paul has developed the skills to bring a new insight and a new vision into the world of architecture - both at present and well into the future. He exhibits the passion to deliver a concise finished project and has an open mind to what can be achieved.


University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
School of Architecture and Urban Planning
- Bachelor of Science, Architectural Studies


- Design Professional
Bray Associates Architects Inc.
- Architectural Intern