The re-roofing project at this commercial office building included complete removal of the existing roof system and coordination for the analysis and redesign of rooftop fall-protection systems. The new roof design included: a two-ply asphalt built-up substrate membrane over the dead level, poured concrete deck (to facilitate tear-off and act as a temporary roof); installation of a new tapered insulation system and cover board insulation (to provide slope-to-drain); installation of a new modified bitumen roof membrane (a two-ply asphalt base sheet, granulated cap sheet and aluminum coating). The new system provides a durable rooftop traffic surface for HVAC equipment maintenance and window washing operations.

  • Owner: Hamiton Partners
  • Location: Lisle, Illinois
  • Lead Consultant: Tony Loden
  • STR/SEG Design Team: Randy Marquardt
  • Project Budget: $465,000.00
  • Completion Date: 10/2009