This project, at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, involves historic restoration of the Downer Campus Historic District (Garland, Greene, Holton, Johnston, Merrill and Pearse Halls). These buildings were constructed around the turn of the 20th Century. The project restores the exterior envelope integrity of the buildings, replaces/repairs deteriorated components and increases the energy efficiency of the exterior envelope.

The project scope includes the repair and/or replacement of the buildings’ unique Lake Superior Sandstone, ornamental terra-cotta repair and replacement, masonry cleaning and waterproofing, repointing/regrouting of brick masonry, unit paver and concrete flatwork replacement, and exterior door and window sealant replacement. A comprehensive pre-design survey identified areas of sandstone and terra cotta that was significantly weathered and worn. Previous repair work determined to still be in sound condition was not included in the project scope.

  • Owner: University of Wisconsin
  • Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Lead Consultant: Russell P. Mohns, P.E.
  • STR/SEG Design Team: Randy Marquardt and Murray Smith
  • Project Budget: $4,979,000
  • Completion Date: In Progress